What does the community do?

MyCompass.Horse is a community of conscious horse lovers and professionals who want to contribute to a more beautiful and better horse world. As a member of the community, you commit to the 'Horse Promise'. In doing so, the members take their responsibility by making themselves visible and doing better instead of knowing better. By making a positive contribution to a more beautiful and better horse world within their circle of influence, while maintaining their own identity. And to inspire each other and others to do the same. By not focusing on differences, but on those in which we can make a difference together?

How do I contribute?

To make a real impact together, active members are needed. You can contribute and be active in all kinds of ways. First of all, by making yourself visible with your own profile. Inspire others with your story about the unique bond you have with your horse, your ambitions and how you are committed to making the horse world a little more beautiful and better. Use the Equestrian Compass to map your personal ' equestrian head print' . Show in which domains you are active and have developed yourself.

Supplement your 'equestrian headprint' with your experience and possibly your diplomas and certificates. A well-completed profile is an important condition to be able to use the platform properly. With a well-filled profile you not only make your efforts visible, you also contribute to more transparency.

When you have completed your profile, you can start making your contribution. Among other things by:

  • Share valuable and inspiring content;
  • Make your activities, events and services visible;
  • Exchange experiences and inspiration with others;
  • Express your appreciation by reviewing professionals and companies; (in development)
  • Contribute to 'the new story'.

In addition to your contribution, the community can provide you with:

  • Expand your network of like-minded horse lovers and professionals;
  • Be inspired in what you can contribute;
  • Distinguish yourself as a company or entrepreneur through Equestrian Corporate Responsibility

For professionals and companies

Are you an equestrian professional? Then you can make your services and or products visible on your profile. In addition, you can create a company profile on MyCompass.Horse. From this profile you can highlight your products and services. 

Building a new equestrian community together

Who else is participating?

Romy Huisman

Horses enrich my life, but do I also enrich their lives?

Liesbeth Jorna

Founder/instructor of Sport & Horsemanship United - for a Happy and Blockage-Free Horse and Man

TAKT Academy & Training stable

For us, TAKT Academy equals a pure and honest way of training, in which the well-being of the horse is always number 1.

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