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Are you good at groundwork? Or do you prefer to work from the saddle? Are you sporty with your horse? Or do you practice a lesser-known movement or discipline? In our new Holland got Horsemanship Contest we look for the best from both worlds. Together with Equiday we create a beautiful online and offline stage for riders and trainers who work well together with their horses. And inspire us from the ground or from the saddle with their horsemanship. 

Registration will open on 1 October 2023. Will you join us?

"Best of both worlds"

Registration opens about


Choose the category you want to participate in!

For this contest we have 2 categories with a fixed assignment. You perform this assignment from the saddle or from the ground. The assignment consists of:

  • a mandatory exercise: a set exercise that is the same for everyone.
  • A discipline-specific exercise: here you show a number of exercises that are specific to the current or discipline that you practice with your horse.
  • free interpretation: Show what else you and your horse are good at! This part is NOT mandatory.  

In this contest we have a third category especially for demo givers: 'In the Spotlight'. 

Through this category, demo givers can select themselves for 'The Spotlight' on Equiday. The content of your entry is free. You can select yourself by submitting a video of your demo of up to 5 minutes.

Read more about the assignments for this Holland got Horsemanship Contest here


You canparticipate by uploading your video as soon as registration opens.

The video images of the individual parts should be filmed in one piece as much as possible, without delayed or accelerated views. Your entry must include recent footage of the assignment we have formulated for this contest.  

The Best of both Worlds contest consists of two preliminary rounds with which you can select yourself for the semi-finals  .    The five best entries per category will advance to the final. 

The winners will be invited to The top of Holland got Horsemanship at Equiday in April 2024

  • Heat 1: 1 October 2022 to 30 November 2023 
  • Heat 2: 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2024 
  • Semi-final: 1 February 2023 to 28 February 2024 
  • Final: 1 March 2023 to 14 March 2024