The Equestrian Community

The Dutch equestrian community consists of about 1.2 million people who are (in)directly connected to the horse. The community is very diverse and includes breeders of a wide variety of horse breeds, equestrians, recreationists, horse coaches, equestrian entrepreneurs and professionals. For many members of the equestrian community, the bond with the horse is lifelong. It is more than sports, hobbies or work. It's a lifestyle. The unique thing about equestrian sport is that it is practiced by all genders and different generations who are equal to each other in the ring. There are many different disciplines within the horse world. Top sport is practiced with horses in the more traditional disciplines such as dressage, jumping, eventing and driving. While new movements and disciplines are emerging from the breadth that may or may not be practiced in an organized way. The horse not only gives meaning and meaning to the life of the Dutch equestrian community. Today, the horse is also increasingly proving its added value in the field of therapy and coaching. The horse has played an essential role in the development of our culture.