Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship:  In the final video of Jolanda it is not so clear how she trains. It's more of a superguus promotional movie. In her first entry you can clearly see how she combines top sport with feed and clicker reward. Nice to see how she approaches that and a lot of confidence from her horses!

Showmanship:  There is a clear message in the final video. And that is participation in Equiday with Guus. They are old images and I understand the objective, but so little emerges what she does. It's well put together!

Difficulty: I find this one very difficult to assess. This is not reflected in her final entry.

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: A wonderful example of lifelong partnership and teamwork. Here horsemanship, R+ and good riding come together in a very harmonious way.

Showmanship: Here we see a trained vlogger and demogever at work. The videos are of a professional level, very inspiring and your heart for what you do radiates from it.

Difficulty level:  You are a huge example for making the horse friendlier and more fun dressage at all levels. It is great that with R+ and a diversity of horses you can show that horsemanship makes the sport so much more beautiful.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: Cooperation not only between Jolanda and her horses, but also Jolanda uses the mutual trust of her horses, as she proposes to have her senior Super Guus accompanied by her dressage horse Jai, so that they can travel together and perform when she can give the farewell show at Equiday if she wins. In this way she takes care of the welfare of her horses. Jolanda shows that she trains her horses in the meadow, a place where the horses are together, feel comfortable and have the opportunity to drop out (as she works with Jai without a halter). I also find the image of her sitting on Guus' back and also asking KWPN horse Jai for a Spanish pass telling; Guiding 2 horses at the same time, with pleasure, stability of Guus, expression and eagerness of Jai and giving a feed reward. Both horses in their roles, both horses in their strength.

Showmanship: You're looking at a story. Jolanda made this video especially for the contest. The quality of the voice-over in combination with the background music are of high quality and contributes to an atmosphere that touches you. I think it's strong that Jolanda says that this is her entry for the semi-final for the HGH contest. She also talks about her previous entry and tells what her intention is when she wins the final (farewell show Superguus), creating involvement and motivation with the viewer. The video does not last too long, but the message comes across carefully and clearly (no express train).

Difficulty level:  The fact that Jolanda has ridden competitions at a high level with Guus and has now also trained her KWPN horse Jai at a high level testifies to a high level of difficulty. At no point in the video can Jolanda catch you with gross motor skills, poor timing or poor quality of the dressage exercises. However, I would have liked to see some more action footage of Guus, in which his dressage skills were even more evident. Guus in a pirouette, Guus with flying gallop changes, Guus in passage, I missed that in this video.

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship:  I know Jolanda and have seen her ride and train live with her horses, both from the saddle and from the ground, so I know what she can do and how beautiful it looks. If you don't know her and her working method, you will see that less in this video. 

Showmanship: Video is very nicely put together in terms of images, voice over and background music. The video mainly tells who Jolanda and her horses are and what they do, but shows in lesser sizes what and how they do it. However, this video shows a very nice story of Jolanda and Guus and you can also feel the passion and love of Jolanda for her horses and I think it makes people very curious for more.

Difficulty level:  Because I have seen Jolanda live several times, I know that she applies the methods well. This video doesn't quite show that. I also know that she can do a lot more, that she shows that in this video. This movie is different from the other movies. It's like watching a documentary or movie.