Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship: Wow! Priscilla shows that her horsemanship is very versatile. Next to the horse, almost under the horse and on the horse! It is nice to see that the horses are taught the principles in such a calm way and that there is quickly understanding and that the horse enjoys it. 

Showmanship: I think Priscilla shows a lot of guts in her entry. While the spectacle is not at the expense of the cooperation with the horses. It is interesting for the viewer because many different aspects are discussed. Groundwork, freedom dressage, riding with a neckrope. Very fascinating to see. 

Difficulty level: Priscilla knows how to tailor her approach to the young horse. That's a profession in its own right.  Priscilla shows that with a calm approach, confidence can grow very quickly. That's clever!

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: Beautiful energy and playfulness. You show nice things with happy and free horses. The work going on with so much control on the nose honestly doesn't contribute much. You can also build the movement in a freer way

Showmanship: Nice that you took the trouble to look nice yourself before the semi-final! The joy and energy splashes off the screen. Before show, there should have been more structure in your film. The music was a little heavy for the lightness you show.

Degree of difficulty: Here is a specialist in happy horses. Someone who really dares to play. The amazon has an easy relaxed seat.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: If you dare to jump with a neckrope, you have to have confidence in your horses! You also let your horses take their own initiative and you also let behavior arise and develop from your horses. There is a beautiful dynamic between you as a human being and the voice of your horses. That's a testament to Horsemanship!

Showmanship:  Clothes, wind and the winter coat give Scandinavian atmosphere, beautiful music! Tip to improve videos in the future: Camera image is not always stable (person filming seems to be walking), the image will be nicer if you take into account the stability of the camera and possibly long shadow of the videographer. I would have liked it if you had introduced yourself at the beginning of the video and/or given your personal touch to your entry by means of a voice-over, so you can more easily build a bond with your viewer because this adds information about you as a trainer and horse lover on a non-verbal level.

Difficulty level: Tip: I specialize in dressage groundwork on the kaptoom, which is why I want to give my feedback on the following part: 1:20 min appuyement and work pirouette: A tip is to give your posture more towards the hindquarters, now I see that your hand acts downwards on the kaptoom. Your horse crawls with the nose a bit behind the plumb line and has not yet lifted the torso enough to grow in the appuyement. If you can improve the quality of the appuyement by letting the nose come out slightly and let the neck be the highest point, where you can let half a posture come through towards the hindquarters (and the horse is also able to absorb weight on the hindquarters and hold this) then you can carefully change direction from this appuyement towards a work pirouette (note, don't want to keep too much in place, think of a volte rather than a pirouette in the place). The pirouette that you now show in the video is still too small for you, so you also lose the 4 stroke in step and the forehand is not lifted enough to easily turn the shoulders around the hindquarters.

Top: you work with different horses, of different ages, in different exercises, which shows your versatility as a trainer!! Nice alternation between energetic exercises (canter, jumping, prancing) and exercises at rest (lying down, standing on the block, giving a foot)

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship: Priscilla shows that her horsemanship is very versatile. 

Showmanship:  In this video you can see Priscilla doing different exercises with different horses. She shows how versatile she and her horses are and how much fun they have together. She did not use a voice-over, but by using text and clear images, that is not a loss.

Difficulty level:  She shows many exercises from both the ground and the back of the horse. I haven't seen very exceptional things or on a level I haven't seen before. It is an ultimate feel-good video that makes the fun of horses and trainers!