Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship:  What confidence these horses have in their companion. So much relaxation and cooperation based on very small clues! 

Showmanship: Barbara's entry is very inspiring, especially for dressage riders. She shows that in terms of training there is so much more possible than the usual way of training ! The interaction between Barbara and her horses, but also her horses themselves, make this entry very beautiful to look at.  

Difficulty level: Barbara shows a high level of communication with her horses. Everything from the peace and relaxation and with very small instructions. 

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: There is friendship, horsemanship and skill in your videos. The work on the hand looks good but still a bit basic. The noseband of the fungus sometimes hangs very low and then it pulls up its nostrils to get freer air flow. They are images from different times, given the condition of the horses

Showmanship: Compilation of many different pieces, each of which has its own value. As a result, the message is not so focused. If you would film separately "for show" and make a nice build-up, in a nice outfit and with a clean horse so naturally beautiful. You have the ingredients!

Difficulty level: It is clear that there is someone here with broad skills in horsemanship. The rider's seat deserves some improvement, more relaxed and in sync with the trot and canter.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: You pay attention to your horses and your horses pay attention to you. The video shows that you have spent a lot of time on the relationship with your horses, the love and harmony splashes off the screen!

Showmanship: The video is a compilation of a variety of training images and highlights with your horses. Although I love variety, I missed the story behind Barbara, Vianne and Johnny. It is not clear that this video was made specifically for the semi-final of the HGH contest, in that respect I would have appreciated an intro and a bit of personal presentation.

Difficulty level: I loved the part in which you let your horses walk together in the truck! I immediately thought 'I want that with my horses too!'.

Tip: The part in which you go with your white mare Vianne from the appuyement to the work pirouette, back to the appuyement and pass into the renvers (in the groundwork): I think your whip is too high in energy and unnecessarily active. I believe you can keep the whip still. Challenge yourself soon by omitting the whip altogether and see what happens between you and Vianne. Compare it to giving a leg aid. What is the effect if a rider continues to give leg, without the horse changing behavior and without the stimulus disappearing from the leg? Be sharp on your help and timing (what? why? effect?).

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship: The cooperation between Barbara and her horses is very harmonious.

Showmanship:  Barbara shows a nice example of freedom dressing and training it. It look very harmonious and relaxed. Again, no voice-over has been used, but the images speak for themselves. The images are clear and the video is nicely edited.

Difficulty level:  Barbara shows how versatile she is with her horses and how she has her horses very harmoniously under control.