Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship:  What a beautiful road has been walked here. Which hasn't always been easy either. The perseverance and mutual trust has taken a lot of work but has definitely succeeded!

Showmanship: Nice to see how it started and how the horse's expression changed over the years!

Difficulty: The versatility and cooperation with the children is very nice to see. You need to tune in not only to the horses, but also to the children. That's very natural for you! 

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: A good example of how horsemanship actually changes everything. Making things more fun and beautiful and easier. It is clearly visible that you can achieve a lot with a lot of love and a Parelli approach

Showmanship: What a beautiful journey through life with horses! Your video reads like a nice book, with well-chosen music. Compliment also for wanting to spread this way of living and playing with horses so that even more children start with horses in this way!

Difficulty level:  Clearly recognizable Parelli approach and positive mindset. This way you are an example for many, also for a way to find where it is not as easy as trailer loading.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship:  In the video your personal process of the past years clearly emerges, you show that you have gained many experiences, overcome challenges and that you have come to insights. You have also immersed yourself in different forms of training. The horses are continuously a common thread in your personal story. The horses give you direction, with minimal effort on their part, a kind of Humanship from their point of view. Thanks to/with your horses, you have developed from someone who (according to her own words) did not treat horses kindly, to a mother who can share her horse love and skills with the next generation!

The part in which you are training barefoot during pregnancy; recognizable! So did I. Very nice that you can now pass on the training of your pony to your daughter, harvest what you have sown. For me as a 'new mom' very nice to see! A happy horse is often also a safe horse! The new generation! It is valuable that you can pass this on together with your sweet horses. Realize that this is very important!

Showmanship: The lyrics of the music fit your story exactly. You provided the video with good texts, I was included in the story and I didn't miss any voice-over.

Difficulty level:  That trailer loading, wow, well done Lia! You see that you work clearly and safely, in the meantime you have to guide 2 ponies and 1 child, your feelers are probably 100% on, but you look calm and have confidence in your horses. In the video I see obedient horses that can work safely with children, that must be the effect of good management, attention and training.

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship: The cooperation with the horses looks pleasant.

Shwomanship: A wonderful video of a mother with her children and ponies. Lia shows how versatile she uses her ponies and how she involves her children in training the ponies in an animal-friendly way. A video with a lot of photos and some less moving images, which I personally think is a bit of a shame.

Difficulty level:  It is a very feel-good film, but because of the little moving footage it is difficult to judge how and what help is given.