Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship: My first reaction is: so what is this horse refurbished! From dainty to a shaggy sweet pony!

Showmanship:  Good explanation about the kibble at the end of the video. And beautiful how she takes the build-up during the time she is busy with the pony.

Difficulty level:  Djenna is really the good boss for this pony. Very nice to see that she takes the time for all the steps.

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: Incredibly nice to see what you have all achieved with Goldy! I was a bit shocked by the trot you showed from when you bought him but that has really improved enormously and he is clearly comfortable in his own skin both with other horses and with what you do with him. You could perhaps be a bit more precise with the R+ principles so that you can train with feed even more easily without him being too enthusiastic about feeding.

Showmanship: So you see again what great things you can do with a big horse in a small package! Nice music that you have put underneath. Fits well with the energy and the cheerful and creative atmosphere that you radiate. I'm curious what other beautiful things you will develop.

Difficulty level: Clever how versatile you are! Being good at a lot of things is sometimes even harder than being good at one thing. Also nice how you have built up all kinds of disciplines step by step and he retains his joy.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: You are a loving horse mom, you have made and saved all the 'first time' videos! I see in the video that you work with Goldy in different ways; long lines, jumping together, freedom dressing and so on. You are a trainer with different interests and you will not be hindered in any way by the fact that you yourself are too big to ride Goldy. I think it's nice to see that you jump over obstacles together with Goldy instead of .dat you send him over them as a trainer and stand still yourself. I think you as a person like to learn, research and experiment, in that you seem to have found the perfect partner in Goldy! Experience all kinds of adventures together with your horse, improve and investigate what is possible besides riding.

Showmanship: The intro was immediately strong! You introduced your pony and yourself and specifically mentioned that this entry was for HGH. You also had Goldy nice and clean and braided. A good presentation! You took us through the story and all the 'first times' of Goldy. At the end a bit of presentation in which you showed freedom dressing exercises, that came across as very sincere. In your last scene there was no cutting, that ensured peace and authenticity! Your last sentence about friendship was so strong! That really made for a clear ending.

Difficulty level: I think it's great that you train with Goldy in many different ways. You are both on the move, you also need to be in good shape to do what you do! I don't know if I can run with my horses for that long and jump over obstacles without tripping.

I have 2 more tips to help you achieve a higher quality of cooperation:
At the end, you talked about refusing food and that you don't want Goldy to bite (understandable!). You mentioned that that's why you don't always give food. I myself am very positive about the use of feed rewards, simply because science underlines that the horses learn faster and happiness hormones are released in the process. But feed reward also has a strong motivating effect, so much so that undesirable behavior could arise. That undesirable behavior is often a sign of enormous motivation and desire for the feed reward. Instead of making the food exclusive, so that you often get into peak behavior, you could give more food in your training and / or use lower rated food (grass kibble instead of sweet candy, for example). In my experience, the enthusiastic-impatient-hopeful behavior can diminish when the exclusivity disappears and the horse can rely on getting a lot and enough. His heart beats expectantly, even if he refuses the food, he will experience that stress inside. When an exercise is well learned and engraved in the long-term memory, you can omit the feed. I believe you are open to an experiment, I am curious what experience you will gain when you start working with this subject.

Another tip for working with the long rein: Click the rein to the bit rings, instead of passing through the bit rings and back to the girth. As you have now confirmed, a force triangle is created in which Goldy receives more pressure/kg in his mouth than you do with your hand on your rein. Also, you cannot communicate in a refined way when the bit is not the starting point, via a bit you can receive and send information, which requires a dashed line from your hand to the bit.

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship:  In this video you can see how Djenna bought her Goldie as an unhappy, unhealthy looking and moving pony and how he transforms into a beautiful, healthy and happy pony. 

Showmanship: Pleasant images to look at. A woman who likes, controls and offers variety to her pony.  

Difficulty level: The video shows how versatile she makes the pony work and explains a bit about rewarding it with food and pats. Fun to look at and also partly informative.