Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship:  The way Mariska is able to tailor her training to her horse with 1 or 2 times a week so that she has been able to work towards this level testifies to a lot of horsemanship. She is also very honest with the horse. Mariska is very realistic when it comes to her own points for improvement and is very open about them in her entry. The way in which she makes herself vulnerable in a discipline in which there is no shortage of criticism from outsiders, I find very powerful. 

Showmanship: Mariska and Cip are just themselves in the entry and Mariska tells her story. An inspiring story of a horse and a rider who, against the odds, rise above themselves. 

Difficulty: To ask the most difficult exercises from a horse that is ridden recreationally for the rest of the week is truly unique. This shows that the horse has so much fun and that the rider really wants to work on himself. The pleasure is therefore the most important condition for the performance that is delivered. 

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: Compliment for the dedication and I think you are a nice combination. Point of attention for making it even more beautiful and finer in terms of healthy biomechanics: Nose out and lighter in  the (front) hand. That would give him the chance to walk even more in self-carriage. Then you probably also need your rein and leg / track less. A fur around the noseband should not be necessary. Think about what you could do differently. Go experiment without a noseband or perhaps even without rein use. You can be amazed how everything becomes even lighter, airier  and more fun, even when you drive with a connection.

Showmanship: "Against all odds" is your message and you tell it beautifully. The music suits the horse well . Let him look out into the world more - nose out - and smile! If you let your heart shine and show him even more often how proud you are of him while driving, you will steal many more hearts.

Difficulty level: Quite tough such a GP freestyle and also quite neatly driven. What I find most striking about this ride is the flexibility in the appuyement to the left and the rhythm retention and the apparent simplicity with which you ride a pirouette. Chapeau! Where you can still gain is in the lightness and self-carriage and in a more playful happy appearance. 

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: You mentioned in your video that you had lost the fun and therefore hadn't touched a horse for a while. Then with 1 training per week you have trained a horse at Grand Prix level, which is inspiring and testifies to horsemanship. You see Cip as a smart horse and I think that judgment about him is very helpful in training. You've discovered that he's not naughty, but smart! You are also willing to develop yourself further and that remains an important horsemanship quality, it is always in motion and we as trainers are never 'ready'. You tell in the video that you immediately had a click with Cip and with that you prove that 'that one click' can bring us so much! No bloodline and money can compete with that!

Showmanship: The voice-over makes it personal. Your voice sounds very sincere, calm and confident. I found the video interesting from start to finish. You mentioned that you did salsa dancing for a number of years. This could have provided extra showmanship! Some salsa music, video of your dance and I am curious as a viewer what salsa dancing has brought you in the training with Cip. Timing, rhythm, flow?
The backlight and shadow in some driving images made judging difficult at times.

Difficulty level:  It's a great achievement you've accomplished so far! I am very curious what your new training and extra attention to the basic + attitude and sitting will bring you. In the future I will want to see less stimuli from the tracks (perhaps completely finished, perhaps in a future video to show that you can do that too), I am curious if your horse will swing the tail less. I'm curious about more lighting in the front, when the center of gravity will shift back a bit. If the withers can lift a little more, I expect that Cip's nose can come out more in the piaffe and you can create a perpendicular accumulation of bones from the lower foreleg.

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship:  The images look nice, horse seems to do the exercises fairly casually, although he may sometimes stay a little longer in the neck.

Showmanship:  A beautiful story by Mariska and Zip, which can easily be included in a booklet. An initially simple horse and a rider who had actually lost her pleasure in riding, who eventually reinforce each other beyond their abilities. A story that makes you happy and that shows the fun in the sport well. In addition, this is a unique video between the other participants. 

Difficulty level:  It's not all perfect from a driving point of view, but I don't find that disturbing. I think it's great that Mariska has reached this level with a horse that she only trains 1 or 2 times a week. All in all, a pleasant image to look at.