We need a new story...

The horse world has become divided, hardened and judgmental. For the horse lovers and professionals who can no longer find pleasure and fulfillment in dogmatic and performance-oriented horsemanship, there is a need for a new story. This does not require more ' successful' riders. The new story of the horse world is about partnership, learning and growing together. Told from more conscious riders, coaches, trainers and game changers. People who strive for a covenant between horse and man that is based on trust, partnership, harmony and a deep understanding.

On the internet and social media there is a lot of information about how we should take care of and train our horses. But much of that information is contradictory, and visions of many trainers have become not complementary, but competitive to each other. 

If we want to rise above the divisions, it is important that we get clear again what we do agree on. What insights in the field of horse welfare, good horsemanship and equestrian responsible entrepreneurship do we share with each other? 

It is not difficult to magnify differences, nor to complicate complicated matters even further. The challenge is to go back to the essence together. The intention with which it all started: Why we love (of) horses. So that the right knowledge and insights are collected and retained for future generations.

Instead of continuing to fight the old story, we can make a fresh start. Writing a new story that is so inspiring that we can let go of the old, with all its negativity. We can do this by combining strengths, knowledge and insights. 

Within MyCompass.Horse we want to facilitate the process and the environment. If we want to keep the story pure, we must guarantee a number of conditions and starting points .

Among other things, we create an interest-free environment for this, so that the new story can be created without political, commercial and activist influences. Participation is only possible in a personal capacity.

It is expected that this environment will be available in mid-September 2022!