"Best of Both Worlds"

Are you good at groundwork? Or do you prefer to work from the saddle? Are you sporty with your horse? Or do you practice a lesser-known movement or discipline? In our new Holland got Horsemanship Contest we look for the best from both worlds. Together with EquiDay we create a beautiful online and offline stage for riders and trainers who work well together with their horses.  And inspire us from the ground or from the saddle with their horsemanship. 

Choose the category you want to participate in!

For this contest we have 2 categories with a fixed assignment. You perform this assignment from the saddle or from the ground. The assignment consists of:

  • a mandatory exercise: a set exercise that is the same for everyone.
  • A discipline specific exercise: here you show a number of exercises that are specific to the current or discipline that you practice with your horse.  

You can participate in Holland got Horsemanship by submitting a video of the assignment of up to 5 minutes.

Read more about the assignments for this Best of Both Worlds Contest here

Two preliminary rounds, a semi-final and a final

The Best of both Worlds contest consists of two preliminary rounds with which you can select yourself for the semi-finals  . The five best entries per category will advance to the final. 

The winners will be invited to The top of Holland got Horsemanship at Equiday in April 2024. 

  • Heat 1: 1 October 2022 to 30 November 2023 
  • Heat 2: 1 December 2022 to  31 January 2024 
  • Semi-final: 1 February 2023 to  29 February 2024 
  • Final: 1 March 2023 to  14 March 2024 

The semi-final is only open to participants who have selected through one of the two preliminary rounds. From the preliminary round, a maximum of 5 per category will advance to the semifinals. The entries of the best 5 in the semi-finals will be judged by a professional jury in the final round. The score of the semi-final together with the final assessment of the jury will determine who will be the winner!  For the semi-final you need to make a new video. You don't have to make a new entry for the final. The content for your (semi)final entry is up to you. The professional jury will judge both entries.

Conditions for participation

Golden ticket

With a Golden Ticket, a participant from the semi-final is guaranteed a place in the final with 10 placement points. A Golden Ticket will only be awarded if the professional jury unanimously agrees that the participant belongs in the final.  Whether and to whom a Golden Ticket will be awarded will be determined after the conclusion of the semi-final . The standings of the semi-final on 29 February 23.59 are therefore the provisional results. If the professional jury awards a Golden Ticket to a participant who falls outside the top 10, the final place of the no. 10 of the semi-final will be forfeited. There is therefore a chance that whoever is in 10th place on February 29 will not advance to the final. This place is then taken by the participant who receives a Golden Ticket from the professional jury. We will announce this no later than 2 March . 


During the preliminary rounds we again have MCH rosettes (collector's item) for the top five per category. The full prize package will be announced during the duration of heat 1. 

Vote for your favorite!

Your voice matters! During the preliminary rounds and the semi-finals, the community determines who will advance to the final. Vote for your favorite participant and more importantly: give the participants feedback! Not only do you also have a chance to win great prizes, we also help each other to a higher level! Let the participants know what inspires you. Give them tips and tops! Tell them what else you'd like to see from them in the next round.  Looking for inspiration? Then take a look at how one of the winners of the Feedback &Giveaway handled it.

The professional jury

The finalists will be judged by a professional jury of professionals specially composed for this theme. The expertise of these professionals lies in the field of rehabilitation, training, housing and care of (older) horses and veterinary care. We will introduce the members of the professional jury to you one by one during the duration of the contest!


To increase your chance in the contest, we have listed a few tips &tricks for you:

  • Use the community's tips for your final entry.
  • The community/jury will appreciate it if it is clear that real attention has been paid to the presentation and the video. So introduce yourself and your horse. Tell us who you are and why you are participating. 
  • Make sure your horse is always in the picture.
  • Don't wait too long to upload your video so the community has enough time to vote for you.
  • Fill in your MyCompass.Horse profile. You can put extra information, photo and film in your profile about yourself, your horse and your vision. 
  • Tag us when you share your entry on social media!  


Maybe you still have questions about this horsemanship competition.

That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. Do you have another question? Send an email to jasmijn@mycompass.horse

  1. Who can participate?

  2. There are also influencers participating, isn't that unfair with voting?

  3. Is horse welfare guaranteed within this contest?

  4. Do I have to make a new video for each round?

  5. Can I still participate if the registration has been open for a while?

  6. Can I add music, text or a voice-over to my video?

  7. What do I need to show?

  8. I'm afraid I'm getting negative comments

  9. How can I vote?

  10. Do I need to register to participate or vote?