Every journey starts with the first step

MyCompass.Horse was launched on April 23, 2022. With the first version going live, we mainly focused on the possibilities to create a profile and share content. With the temporary quick scan of the Equestrian Compass you can already map your first 'Equestrian Head Print'. For the coming period, the expansion and further development of various functionalities and projects is on the program.

  • The launch of the complete digital tool of the Equestrian Compass, with which you can map your competencies per domain. 
  • Implementing the review function, which allows horse lovers and professionals to share honest feedback.
  • Developing the environment in which we can write 'The new story' together
  • The further development of the functions to support equestrian professionals in their online visibility, both within MyCompass.Horse and beyond.

Building a community is something you do together

Only through collaboration can you achieve things that you will never achieve alone. That goes for everything, and especially for a community. That is why we will closely involve the members of the community in the development. Any kind of feedback on how we can improve and further develop the platform, its services and functionalities is most welcome. For this we will regularly ask for feedback in different ways. For example, through online and offline sessions, events or simply through personal contact.