The horse world is divided and fragmented. Dogmatic contradictions about horsemanship and horse welfare leave less and less room for nuance, reality and self-reflection. Because of this division, the horse world is its own worst enemy and they are under increasing pressure. Public support is declining. In order to contribute together to a more beautiful and better horse world, it is important that we rise above the divisions. 

Between the dogmatic extremes of (top) sport versus natural, bit versus bitless or farrier versus natural trimming, there is a very large gray middle. It is this group that is increasingly being forced to take a stand. While this group is often very aware of the many nuances in the field of good horsemanship. They have lived through many situations with the horse, sometimes through damage and disgrace. Have become wiser and see more and more the coherence. As a result, they gain more and more insight into what they do not yet know and that makes them modest. As a result, they are increasingly withdrawing from the discussions. This gives free rein to those who impose their ill-founded views with crude rhetorical violence.  

Because in the large grey area between the dogmatic extremes , you are bombarded from two sides. But the more the gray matter dares to stand up for the nuance, the more back cover you can give each other. Together you can then work on a nuanced debate about horse welfare in which substantive arguments are involved and dogmas end up on the dung heap.  

MyCompass.Horse is a community for that big grey middle. Which is actually not gray at all, but very diverse and colorful. MyCompass.Horse is for horse lovers and professionals who are committed to a more beautiful and better horse world, each from his own circle of influence. They have the welfare of their horse and the partnership with their horse on one and they keep a broad definition of it 'successful' are after.  It Equestrian Compass gives direction to this. The Equestrian Compass is a model that has been developed to give horse lovers and professionals within the equestrian sector the space to shape the partnership with the horse in a way that fits their own identity. Whether that is as an athlete, entrepreneur, breeder, coach or just as an enthusiast. The Equestrian Compass translates about 60 competencies across six domains in which you can develop as an enthusiast or professional and from which you can make a positive contribution within the equestrian sector.


The ambition is to see horse welfare as a joint responsibility and to maintain the unique 'partnership' we have with the horse in the light of changing norms and values within our society. To actually get something moving, criticizing old and new ideas and ideas is not enough. MyCompass.Horse focuses on how it can also be done: From collaboration, connection and new perspectives. For this it is necessary that as many horse lovers and professionals as possible contribute. MyCompass.Horse brings them together so that they can inspire, strengthen and join forces. By working together on a 'new story' that is so inspiring that we can let go of dogmatic contradictions and the divisions that now characterize the horse world.


  • Transparency and trust: To earn trust from each other and the public, we need to be transparent about our practices and willing to adapt them. In this way we can shine the light on good practices and thereby also inspire others.
  • Including: MyCompass.Horse is accessible to every horse lover and professional who subscribes to the ambition, the horse promise and the values. We respect each other's horsemanship and look for common denominators. With room for your own interpretation and preservation of identity. MyCompass.Horse goes across all domains, currents and disciplines and goes back to the intention: Why we love (of) horses. The love for the horse is what connects the members.
  • Empowerment: MyCompass.Horse helps horse lovers and professionals to become aware of their development and to support and stimulate them in this. And from there to come to meaning: be the ' game changer'. By empowering and better positioning the honest and authentic horse lovers and professionals within the horse world. By discovering the good in the other together.
  • Equestrian corporate responsibility: The professionals and companies that join MyCompass.Horse distinguish themselves because they want to make a positive impact on people, horses and the environment with their products or services. Where necessary, they work together when they can make a difference.

What we do

In a world where more and more people are looking online, it is often the parties with the best marketing that are found. We would like to change that; We want the best professionals to be found. focuses heavily on online marketing, so that the members of our community are well found. With the Equestrian Card (coming up!) we show which professionals are active in their area.   Moreover, we offer our professionals the opportunity – in addition to a business profile – to set up their own, professional-looking website in a very simple way. This way we ensure that the professionals in our community are visible to everyone, without having to become marketing experts themselves.  This way you as a professional can focus on what you are good at and make your contribution to a better and more beautiful horse world.

In addition, we want to form and support a large network of professionals who want to contribute to a more beautiful and better horse world. To start beautiful projects together in which we strengthen each other and that contribute to the mission. We will start up and implement larger projects on the basis of 'revenue-share', or profit sharing. Where MyCompass.Horse will take care of the project management, marketing and communication to bring those projects to the attention of the right target groups.