MyCompass.Horse brings together equestrians and professionals who want to contribute to a more beautiful and better horse world. We take the integrity of our platform extremely seriously and are committed to making it a safe, protected, legal and respectful digital environment. That's why we've created these community guidelines.  

In the context of the continuous development of MyCompass.Horse and progressive insight, we will adjust these community guidelines as necessary. That is why it is important that you regularly check whether changes or updates have been made. Follow these community guidelines. If you see content that violates this, we ask you to contact us immediately. 

MyCompass.Horse is a platform where horse lovers, professionals and companies can create a profile. We expect you to show respect for all members who are part of the MyCompass.Horse community. Even if you do not agree with the views or opinions of individual members. Remember that all members have committed to the Horse Promise by which they show the intention to have horse welfare as their highest priority. Let that intention be leading. You do this by having discussions on content, and not directly questioning the integrity of the other person. 

Please note that MyCompass.Horse is committed to a horse world with room for diversity and an inclusive equestrian community. And that we accept every vision and current of horsemanship as long as they do not conflict with the Horse Promise and the ISES guidelines. Content, practices, or people that you find offensive or controversial don't have to violate our Community Guidelines.

House rules within the digital environment of MyCompass.Horse 

Make yourself and your contribution to a more beautiful and better horse world visible 
Transparency is the most important condition for a more beautiful and better horse world. From that point of view, fake profiles and anonymous comments are not allowed. The profiles of MyCompass.Horse offer you the opportunity to make your contribution visible. A completed profile is an important condition to be able to use the platform properly. 

Share constructive and inspiring content 

If we want to contribute to a more beautiful and better horse world, criticizing old and new ideas is not enough. We'd like to look for, 'How? So make your voice heard and inspire our community with your efforts or with examples of practices that you find inspiring. 

Publish self-generated or correctly obtained content 

You are welcome to post (both commercial and personal) content that you have created yourself or obtained correctly. Assuming that content is not hateful in nature, or otherwise violates these guidelines. This also applies to photos, videos, logos and texts. MyCompass.Horse does not accept content, persons or organizations that promote or encourage hatred, violence or harassment towards others and/or themselves. 
You may not distribute content through MyCompass.Horse that: 
  • Defames or disgraces another horse lover, professional or company, 
  • Violates privacy or contains someone's likeness without permission, 
  • Harassing, threatening or attempting to intimidate another, 
  • Encourages potentially harmful disinformation or deliberately misinformation, which is detrimental to the support of the equestrian sector. 
  • Is fraudulent, deceptive or unlawful,
  • Protected by copyright, trademark or trade dress, unless you have the express prior written consent of the owner of this right. 

Attitude and behavior 

We would like to keep the discussions within MyCompass.Horse constructive. All insights and views are welcome, and we do not want to apply censorship in any way to promote open discussion as much as possible. A number of rules apply to this.  

  • Leave OMA at home. (unsolicited opinions and advice)
  • Lubricate NIVEA (do not fill in for another)
  • Use some LSD (Read/listen, summarize, ask questions). Take the time to understand what the other person wants to say and go into the substance of it. Keep in mind that online business can sometimes come across differently than they are intended.
  • No seagull flats (dropping onliners into discussions, without going into anything else)
  • Not you-baking or yes-but-and with fallacies with which you come up with a counter-accusation  or refer to a completely different problem without going into the other person's argument in substance. With the aim of diverting attention by letting the discussion go somewhere else, and thereby remaining unscathed.
  • Don't generalize. Try to substantiate your opinion and your views with facts and possibly references to scientific research. 
  • Look for common denominators, rather than magnifying differences.
  • Play on the ball and not on the man. Naming and shaming is not allowed. Of course you can question practices and methods, but on the basis of content and substantiation. 


It is not allowed to share private data or personal communication via MyCompass.Horse. For example, screenshots of Whatsapp, DMs or Messenger where the other person is recognizable. That includes sharing photos of other horses and people. Post it only with their permission. 


On MyCompass.Horse it is possible to share experiences with professionals and companies through reviews. These can be positive or negative experiences. Of course, we encourage members to give positive reviews to professionals and companies that they are very satisfied with. But where work is done, mistakes are also made. We recommend that you first resolve complaints with the professional or company. However, you can then let us know whether your complaint has been resolved satisfactorily. Remember that not giving a review is also a signal. On MyCompass.Horse, fake reviews are not allowed, they will be removed. Reviews may only be given if there is a direct relationship with the company or professional.  

MyCompass.Horse for equestrian professionals and companies

MyCompass.Horse offers a platform for equestrian professionals and companies to make commitment to a more beautiful and better horse world visible and to get in touch with their target group. But also to promote their own products, services and events. All products, services and events may be offered and promoted, as long as they are in line with the vision and ambition of MyCompass.Horse and thus contribute to awareness and horse welfare.  

Horse welfare, not activism 

MyCompass.Horse is not the place for activist purposes, but for radical nuance. The community wants to contribute to a more beautiful and better horse world by inspiring each other with positive examples. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to share content that wrongs the horse. And we encourage any constructive discussion of potentially harmful methods and practices to improve horse welfare. But on the basis of dialogue and substantiation, hearsay and rebuttal. Within MyCompass.Horse it is not allowed to abuse the emotion that (alleged) abuses with horses evoke and to dramatize things unnecessarily.  

Community Guidelines violation

We strive for an honest and respectful community. If you come across content that violates these Community Guidelines or our terms and conditions, please contact us immediately. We review each report and depending on its nature, we may or may not contact you. We appreciate your feedback and the comments from our community. If we determine that the content violates our Community Guidelines, we may remove the relevant portion of the content, remove the entire offer or event, or take an alternative action that MyCompass.Horse determines is appropriate based on the circumstances of the content. If our mission is seriously violated (at our discretion), we may also delete the relevant profile.