Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanhsip:  A very nice structure with good explanations of which steps you need to take. Also really out of respect for the horse!

Showmanship: A clear message that it's okay if it doesn't work out, but also what you have to do! Often you only hear what you are not allowed to do!

Difficulty: Leaving a flight animal on command is very clever to me. Then there is so much trust involved! It is already special when you find them lying down and they also stay lying down. To learn this, there really has to be a lot of trust!

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship:  The relationship and communication are good. Both R- and R+ as fun. Smart structure and positive mindset.

Showmanship:  Top! It's great that you have limited yourself to two clear themes and have gone deep into them. One video is super creative and inspiring and with the second video you show that you can also explain how to build it step by step  and which principles are central.

Difficulty level:  The exercises with the barrel look easier than they are! There are many details in the communication and movements. A clear vision, clear aids and good timing are necessary if you want to achieve this. This also applies to lying down.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: In my opinion, Irene shows a respectful way in which she knows how to condition the natural behavior (rolling), after which the horse wants to perform this in a comfortable way on request. She uses short sessions, creates an attractive setting (such as location, a wet horse, reward) and she does not assume every session that it 'has to work out', those are smart and important horsemanship skills.

Showmanship: A clear message that is concisely and creatively processed into a video. I thought the music was appropriate and gave me energy. The video will be suitable for Social Media, that makes it very contemporary! On the other hand, it is not entirely clear to me whether this video was made specifically for the HGH contest, or whether it is actually intended for Social Media platforms. (Maybe 2 birds with 1 stone?) . Irene radiates pleasure in the video, which makes the video attractive instead of tough fabric.

Difficulty level:  Irene can describe the plan well. A clear order and of course the do's and don't's. A long-term process wrapped in a short video, that's great! The video gives you the idea that anyone can learn, as long as you take the tips from the video to heart. The reason Irene makes this seem easy is, in my opinion, because she has mastered the theory/method so well that this has become her nature.

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship: Irene shows in her entry that she has a good grasp of horsemanship.

Showmanship:  This is a very nice and clearly put together, informative video. This gives someone tools to start teaching a horse to lie down and the hope to the viewer that he / she can also teach that to the horse in a pleasant way. Very clear images with clear pieces of text.

Difficulty: Ilike to see Irene teach her horse to lie down of her own free will. I also think that this is the only way to learn it well and nicely for the horse. You see that in freedom dresser often go wrong, that it no longer looks like freedom at all.