Review Malene Nootenboom

Horsemanship: You can see the horses and Leonie growing closer together. This is only possible if there is sufficient trust. Trust is the most important condition for good horsemanship!

Showmanship: They are movies that have a certain time course with several horses. The common thread of the story you want to tell is not entirely clear. 

Difficulty: Leonie shows that her horsemanship is very versatile with the training of the different horses. But the difficulty is a bit more difficult to assess because the fragments are a bit short.

Evaluation Liesbeth Jorna

Horsemanship: You are clearly good friends with your horses and there is a nice open communication. You dare to let them make their own choices, while sometimes you could be clearer yourself. Great that you also do many different things with your horses!

Showmanship: Love radiates from your videos and that's the most important thing to me. That harp could have played a clearer role, very special! You and your horses are clearly having fun and it often looks elegant too. 

Difficulty level: I'm curious what it's like when you put all kinds of separate parts together into a show. You show that you have mastered a lot of individual movements and challenges and I think the gain is now in more precision and smooth transitions from one movement to another.

Evaluation Romy Huisman

Horsemanship: You show that you train very varied with different types of horses. You have a calm appearance in the images. The videos radiate that you feel comfortable with horses!

Showmanship: The first 2 pictures are very beautiful, from a child to a young woman, with the same horse! You could have reinforced that with text or a voice-over. Now I had to rewind to assume it was you, only in a different age. If you had made this clearer to the viewer, it would have been a powerful start to a story.

You have made a colorful compilation, with all kinds of different forms of training and different colors of horses. That shows diversity, but it also makes me search too much for the story. The beginning, the young girl on her blonde horse; I would have liked to see that story. I really liked the photo with the harp and your horse audience. As well as the video where you sit in the sand and are surrounded by dust because of your circling horse. Video images (with sound!) of your harp playing in combination with your horses (as an audience, or freely circling around you) could have been of great show value! The topic 'horses and music: Frequency, tones, rhythm' could also have given you attention in the video. Horses and a girl playing a harp; a ready-made Equiday show! Use your unique points next time to hit the jury (and the world).

Difficulty level:  I found it difficult to assess the difficulty because there were so many different short fragments and the context behind the training images is not clear.
I think riding with neckrope is very clever, then you are very dependent on trust and your primary rider aids (you sit). I see in the video that you use whips in steering and you see your horse react to them (sensory stimulation of the eye), this results in a restless head and neck posture in the video. Investigate whether you can agree on this differently or more refined and realize that a horse has a different vision than we humans, so that they perceive stimuli differently than we often think.

Review Bianca Schoenmakers

Horsemanship:  A nice video of Leonie and her horses, in which she shows many different things.

Showmanship: Nicely edited, but I personally think it's just long enough to hold the full attention. The images look nice and show what she can and does with her horses.

Difficulty: I see relaxed horses that listen carefully to the trainer.