"The young horses show their talent, but the old horses show their worth"

Do you have an old(er) horse? Then we are looking for you! In our new contest we do not look for the young talents, but the older horse is central. Anyone with an older horse can participate. It doesn't matter how you are still active with your old horse. Whether that is in sports, training, recreation or even in therapy or coaching. In this contest it is not about the level itself, but the emphasis is whether the level is appropriate to the qualities, possibilities but perhaps also the limitations of your senior or oldie. We look for older horses that are the best version of themselves, that are in their power. Who come into their own within the purpose for which they are used.

The assignment

You can participate by uploading a video of up to 5 minutes when registration opens in which you present your Golden Senior (horses aged 17 to 21 years) or Golden Oldie (horses aged 22+) to us. Tell us why your oldie deserves to be in the spotlight! This time we have prepared a more concrete format that your entry must comply with. So that the professional jury can get a good idea of the commitment, vitality and well-being of your golden oldie/senior. In your video you present the following 3 parts:

  • Bet:  The way in which your pony/horse is used in sports, recreation, coaching or training. From this, the community/jury must be able to form an idea of whether the requested effort is appropriate to the qualities, but also perhaps the limitations of the older horse. (maximum 3 minutes)
  • Quality of life:  The way the horse is managed and housed. (Max. 1 min)
  • Vitality:  You put your horse on position all around on the video so that his eye, condition, position of the legs / hooves, coat and overall appearance is clearly visible (Max. 1 min.)

The video images of the individual parts should be filmed in one piece as much as possible, without delayed or accelerated views. Make sure that the community and the jury get the best possible picture of the commitment, the quality of life and the vitality of your pony / horse. You may add additional information by means of subtitles, a voice-over or in the accompanying text to the entry.  And you can also be creative with music, decoration and the entire presentation!

Rating Golden Oldies

Although there are quite a few examples of 22+ horses that are still in full swing, it is known from sports physiology that the athletic ability of horses starts to decrease from the age of 21. The risk of age-related ailments increases. In the assessment of this category, we therefore place more emphasis on the way in which this is taken into account. Is the work still appropriate to the declining power of the horse? How are people thinking about working towards a pension? How are age defects managed?  

Rating Golden Seniors

In the assessment of the Golden Seniors (17 to 21 years) the emphasis will be on the way in which the horse comes into its own within the activities for which it is used. The idea behind this is that if a horse is well managed and well trained, the benefits can be reaped at this age. If there has been good horsemanship over a longer period of time, then we should see horses that are happy in the work they do. The work is tailored to the horse's abilities and ability. The requested is clear to the horse and the learning is well confirmed.

A preliminary round, a semi-final and a final

The contest consists of one preliminary round with which you can select yourself for the semi-finals. The five best entries per category will advance to the final.  The winners will be announced July 1.

  • Preliminary round: 1 April 2023 to 31 May 2023
  • Semi-final: 1 June to 14 June
  • Final: 15 June to 30 June

The semi-final is only open to participants who have selected themselves through the preliminary round. From the preliminary round, a maximum of 10 per category will advance to the semifinals. The entries of the best 5 in the semi-finals will be judged by a professional jury in the final round. The score of the semi-final together with the final assessment of the jury will determine who will be the winner!  For the semi-final you need to make a new video. You don't have to make a new entry for the final. The content for your (semi)final entry is up to you. The professional jury will judge both entries.

Conditions for participation

Wildcards & Golden ticket

For the semi-finals, we may award a wildcard or even a golden ticket in consultation with the professional jury. With a Wildcard we allow participants in the semi-finals who are just outside the selection, but who the professional jury thinks they deserve another chance.

With a Golden Ticket , a participant from the preliminary round is immediately assured of a place in the final with 5 placement points. A new video must then be submitted before the final.  A golden ticket will only be awarded if the professional jury unanimously agrees that the participant belongs in the final.  

2000,- prize money and many great prizes!

Both the participants and the community can win great prizes in the Golden Oldies contest. For example, we have made a prize pool of no less than 2000,- available by Stud Farm Blackhorses  

  • In both categories we have a grand prize of 500,-, with follow prizes of 300,-, 150,- and 50,-
  • Among the first 10 entries, we will raffle a jar of EquilinGLUCO (worth EUR 85,-) or Equilin GLUCO Plus (worth EUR 72,50) of our choice per category. Courtesy of Equilin.
  • In the semi-finals, we have a prize for the voter who gives the best feedback to the semi-finalists. This winner can also choose from a pot of EquilinGLUCO (worth EUR 85,-) or Equilin GLUCO Plus (worth EUR 72,50) made available by Equilin
  • The numbers 1 to 5 of the preliminary round win an MCH state blanket made available by Harry's Horse and a real MCH rosette (collector's item!)

Furthermore, we have made prizes available for the participants and voters by Bloemendal publishers, Femke Dolle Browsing Paddock and there is a good chance that a number of prizes will be added during the duration of the contest. 

Vote for your favorite!

During this competition we want to put the older horse in the spotlight. That's why your vote is important! During the preliminary round and the semi-finals, the community determines who will advance to the final. Vote for your favorite participant and more importantly: give the participants feedback! Not only do you also have a chance to win great prizes, we also help each other to a higher level! Let the participants know what inspires you. Give them tips and tops! Tell them what else you'd like to see from them in the next round.  Looking for inspiration? Then take a look at how one of the winners of the Feedback &Giveaway handled it.

The professional jury

The finalists will be judged by a professional jury of professionals specially composed for this theme. The expertise of these professionals lies in the field of rehabilitation, training, housing and care of (older) horses and veterinary care. We will introduce the members of the professional jury to you one by one during the duration of the contest!

The professional jury

Jury member 1 profile picture
Jury member 2 profile picture
Chairwoman profile picture
Jury member 3 profile picture
Jury member 4 profile picture


To increase your chance in the contest, we have listed a few tips &tricks for you:

  • Use the community's tips for your final entry.
  • The community/jury will appreciate it if it is clear that real attention has been paid to the presentation and the video. So introduce yourself and your horse. Tell us who you are and why you are participating. Why your Golden Senior or Golden Oldie deserves to be in the spotlight!
  • Make sure your horse is always in the picture.
  • Don't wait too long to upload your video so the community has enough time to vote for you.
  • Fill in your MCH profile. You can put extra information, photo and film in your profile about yourself, your horse and your vision. 
  • Tag us when you share your entry on social media!  


Maybe you still have questions about this horsemanship competition.

That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. Do you have another question? Send an email to jasmijn@mycompass.horse

  1. Who can participate?

  2. There are also influencers participating, isn't that unfair with voting?

  3. Is horse welfare guaranteed within this contest?

  4. Do I have to make a new video for each round?

  5. Can I still participate if the registration has been open for a while?

  6. Can I add music, text or a voice-over to my video?

  7. What do I need to show?

  8. I'm afraid I'm getting negative comments

  9. How can I vote?

  10. Do I need to register to participate or vote?

Save the date!

Are you participating in Holland got Horsemanship? Then book Sunday 8 October in your agenda (subject to change). More information will follow.