Transparency and trust for a more beautiful and better horse world

The internet and social media play an important role in the horse world. Via the internet and social media we can suddenly share a lot of knowledge and information about horses with each other. But at the same time, it also provides a platform to completely tear people down and sow division. Divide and rule is the tactic of those who want to destroy the horse world by pushing their own political, commercial or activist interests at all costs.

Although social media and the internet are the medium for professionals and companies to make their performance, services and products visible, it has unfortunately also become increasingly difficult to find reliable information . There are many forums in which horse lovers ask each other for advice and where information is shared. But often all those opinions and advice are contradictory and the seeker is overwhelmed. How do you know who and what is truly sincere and knowledgeable?

In the past, we could rely on the advice of our instructor, veterinarian or people we know personally and had a relationship of trust with. We visited a clinic, an event or a competition and based our judgment on what we saw and heard there. Those images were unfiltered, with which things could not be presented more beautifully than they are. Now we rely a lot on what we see and hear on social media. Those images are often filtered, sometimes literally. Anyone can manipulate images to reinforce their own ideals or to pretend to be more beautiful than they really are. This also makes it increasingly difficult to have a good picture of reality.

There is a lot of discussion on the internet and social media about what is and is not good for our horses, there are many dogmatic contradictions and it is sometimes fierce. The outside world is watching critically and the division between horse lovers and professionals contributes to declining social support for equestrian sports and husbandry. The biggest challenge facing the horse world is restoring and promoting trust. Between horse lovers and professionals and between the horse world and society. Only with confidence can the horse world continue to grow and at the same time make a positive impact on people, horses and the environment.

Platform for objective information 

At the moment, the horse world lacks transparency, an important condition for restoring and promoting trust. If you are looking for a professional, a service or a product, you can of course always consult Google. But at the top of the google results will appear the ones with the best marketing skills, who are not necessarily the best professionals. Many equestrian professionals who have earned their spurs, but spend little time on their marketing and online visibility, therefore remain out of the picture.

Horse lovers should have access to objective information about the professionals to whom they entrust their horse or from which they purchase products or services. MyCompass.Horse was founded to reconnect horse lovers and professionals. With the Horse Promise and the intention to make a positive impact on people, horses and the environment as a starting point.

We cannot imitate personal contact and the physical experience of the process that comes with developing your horsemanship, but what we can do with MyCompass.Horse is provide a platform for transparency. First of all, the profiles offer both horse lovers and professionals the opportunity to be open and transparent about their intention, values and commitment. But also about their expertise, experience and background. If we want to make a positive impact, we need to be as open, transparent and honest as possible about the way we work. 

Share honest feedback with each other

MyCompass.Horse offers horse lovers and professionals the opportunity to share honest feedback with each other through reviews in a transparent environment accessible to everyone without anything being censored or hidden. Honest reviews based on real experiences provide a reliable source of information for horse lovers.   The larger the community, the more valuable the reviews and content become for horse lovers and professionals.

Transparent approach to projects

MyCompass.Horse wants to act as a 'white-label' for projects that can contribute to a more beautiful and better horse world. On the one hand, by supporting good initiatives through our ' Strong Together' approach. On the other hand, by starting up projects and stimulating cooperation. In order to gain and maintain the trust of the community, it will be transparent about the approach and results achieved by these projects.